Sunday, March 27

no more clutter...kinda

Fabric Wall Decals and image from Mae.
by way of design is mine

I love these wall decals, but don't have a lick of space left in my kitchen. Maybe if this were were a cloud and rain mobile, I could hang it over my island. As I looked around, I knew it would never work. There are just too many things visually competing for attention. So this image just inspired me to de-clutter my kitchen. Also known as cleaning. I am the master of filling up a blank slate with so much other crap that it makes me look like an uncontrollable hoarder. I am trying really hard to edit my things so there is room for a serene, simple space like this in my house.

Lately, I have been motivated to clean when I look at pictures. A picture of my bedroom in the afternoon sunshine with the bed perfectly made caused me to look around the room and notice the current state it was in: two-week-old sheets (yes, I know, gross), a goopy layer of dust on the headboard and clothes everywhere. So I took 15 minutes to take care of that before I could get back to work.

What motivates you to clean?

My beautiful cash register is a landing pad for junk. Oddly, the microwave cover
always ends up on top of the napkins instead of in the microwave.
For now, I just moved everything that doesn't need to be in the kitchen to
the dining room table. But at least you can see the cash register again. I may need
a new way of displaying photos and cards to really visually clean up this area.
Hat and gloves in the fruit bowl, fresh flowers in the dog water pitcher?
Where's my counter? Oh there, I see a small corner.
That paint swatch has been in the same place for three years
as a reminder to repaint the kitchen one day. I keep my hot sauces
in a Borden's cheese box that you never even get to see.

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Anonymous said...

we are so much alike sometimes, it's scary. i am the same exact way when it comes to stuff, i get addicted to clutter. then i get sick of it and have to get rid of everything. but i also get inspired by photos...mostly others photos of clean simple spaces. i like your before and after pics. very inspiring. ;)