Monday, March 21

jumping for jumpsuits

A prime example of how long lines lengthen your legs
versus a cropped pant to make you look like a tree stump.
It's hard to keep a straight face while posing in jumpsuits.
Is my hair providing enough of a distraction?

For Craig's birthday, Jeanne and I were sisters in solidarity....we both took a ride to crazy town and wore our "cool" jumpsuits. It was a rainy, afternoon barbecue. I was wearing knee high socks, my wellies and a comfy sweater. I looked like a perfectly normal person. So what do I do? I change into an unflattering, one piece that made my butt five miles wide. I even contemplated big bangs to complete my outfit. My motto, anything for a laugh, often comes to bite me in the ass.

Jeanne's 70s jumpsuit showed every line and every curve so underwear was out of the picture. Luckily for her, she is the workout queen and although not exactly the most flattering, her butt looked great. Meanwhile, my 80s-era jumpsuit consisted of a lot of material, if you can't tell by the pleating, the pockets, the wide lapels and the shoulder pads. Regardless of the amount of material, it was still a very thin material. Which meant a full-on panty was out for me too. And do you think my out-of-shape butt cheeks can handle a thong right now? No, no, no, no, no. In the interest of self-preservation, I will refrain from sharing that picture. You can thank me later.

Breaking it down...
• Yellow jumpsuit-free, courtesy of Miss Jeanne
• Gold belt-$2, estate sale
• Shoes-$4, garage sale
• Gold bracelets-$1.50, estate sale
• Gold bird brooch, gifted.

Believe it. You too can look this (good, crazy, fugly) for $7.50.


Lynn said...

I'm not sure that anyones butt would look good in that yellow suit. But you and Jeanne were the life of the party.

Jeanne said...

We look super!