Friday, March 18

full moon, big head

@ Craig's house, Supper Club Turducken night, I believe.
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Craig's facebook profile picture from when his email was hacked.
We never believed your passport was stolen or that you were stuck in Europe.
And you can believe we are not going to send you money!

Tomorrow, March 19th, is my friend Craig's birthday. He sells wine, has a big head and a bubbly booty. He is an artist, a maker and a do-er who used to have long luscious curls cascading to his shoulders. He is super-competitive, has a beautiful wife who loves to clean (for reals), listens to records, likes to dress up for Halloween, talks about opening an Etsy shop to sell vintage cowboy shirts (do it already!) and is celebrating a birthday on a full moon, the biggest full moon in 18 years. Happy Birthday, Craig-eeeee!!!
61 photos taken at two-minute intervals of the lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010.
From Sam Javarouh, as seen on his blog, A Daily Dose of Imagery.
You MUST, MUST, MUST click to see a better view.
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