Monday, March 14

stupid car tricks

Every time it snows or we're at the end of a cul-de-sac, the husband yells, pull the hand brake and expects me to spin the car around in a circle 'round the street. Meanwhile I'm panicking and refusing because who does that kind of nonsense? The answer to that is obvious. Men do that kind of nonsense. And it's genetic.

Years ago, while driving to George's graduation with his family from Ireland, we were split into two cars. George rode with his father and brothers, while I was with Mona and the girls. We mistakenly pulled into a cul-de-sac and we see the boys screech around the end, pull the hand brake and 'round they went. The look of absolute glee on their faces was unmistakable. Until someone in the neighborhood came chasing them down with his fist shaking, slow down. Mona and I were mortified and later George told me, Dad told me to do it. If your father told you to do it, well then, by all means.

Video by way of A Continuous Lean

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Anonymous said...

Yes, men do. chris does this ALL the time. but i can't really say's started rubbing off on me. :/ is pretty fun. ;)