Tuesday, March 15


Donkey with Carrots on pure Irish linen.
St. Patrick's Day breakfast essentials all found at Sheehan's Irish Imports.

I make a big deal out of Chinese New Year (kinda) and George makes a really big deal out of St. Patrick's Day (definitely). For the past several years I skip work and we've hosted a St. Patty's Day Irish breakfast at our house complete with bangers, white pudding, grilled tomato, Heinz beans and all the condiments George loves so much, especially the Original HP Sauce. We used to include rashers and black pudding too but we prefer American bacon and no one seemed especially fond of the black pudding, so out it went. After  our bellies are full, we walk up to the parade and drink the morning away. What kind of St. Patrick's Day traditions do you guys have? 

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Blair + Rachel said...

I guess my tradition is to go to work ;)

I've never had any of the food you just mentioned but then again I'm not exactly Irish. :D