Friday, May 14

Baby Love

My friend, Jeanne, is an avid toy collector. After seeing all of her treasures and sometimes receiving some of them, she is always on my mind when I see a creepy baby doll or nostalgic toy from my youth. I stumbled upon this fascinating box of dolls at a garage sale which contained about a dozen plastic mermaid dolls and three naked newborns. At $0.75 a piece, who was I to say no? I took them all and the "babies" have been distributed. As for my mermaids, they're being saved for a special project. Catch of the day, perhaps?

In a window by my front door.
Adopted. Baby Bob living the good life at a friend's.
Box of mermaids. The guy I bought them from said
he purchased them separately from the same thrift store.
They just kept appearing and he kept buying.

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Jeanne said...

Love it!