Tuesday, February 1

your ≠ you're

Thanks to Regretsy for sharing this travesty.
And the sad thing is, many of Wet Seal's young shoppers
won't see what the problem is with this shirt. 
One of my biggest pet peeves is the misuse of your vs. you're. All day long I thank people at work to have them send back, "your welcome." It's rude to correct people, but I'm afraid that one day, because everyone begins to use and accept "your" welcome instead of you are welcome, it will become commonplace and entered in as grammatical law. Just take Sarah Palin and refudiate. After seeing this shirt on Regretsy today, I've realized I need to take action. Every time I get a your welcome in an email or ichat, I pledge to send back a snotty auto reply until they get it. Shall we take a stand together?

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Sloane said...

You ARE so right. Good grammar has gone the way of good manners and I personally hate that!!!I