Wednesday, February 2

new cards!

© Fresh Fish Creative
© Fresh Fish Creative

I made the mistake of printing an e-mail address I don't use very often on my old business cards. I had a half-concoted website up and used my address to seem more professional. But you're not such a pro if you don't check said e-mail. So even though I had plenty of cards to give away, they were essentially useless. Big, dumb mistake right? Riiiiiight.

I finally updated my cards and my look AGAIN. Is it bad to say that after six years of freelancing/working for myself, I still feel like I'm finding who I am as a designer? This version of Fresh Fish Creative uses line drawings of animals (zebra, camel, kangaroo and elephant) in the background with my name as the main focus and my business name as a much smaller detail. I chose to go with what inspires me now rather than sticking with a "brand" image that I'm not even sure about yet. The most important thing I added was my blog address. I show a lot of myself, my work and my interests here and it's high time I got around to sharing it.

Can't wait to give them out!

......I showed my cards to my bff and once again co-worker, Beth, and the first thing she did was critique them. How dare she! Well, I'm really glad she did. On my elephant card, there was a little bit of white on the upper right hand corner. Beth said it distracted her, it forced her eye to that spot instead of to my name. Out came the scissors! I rounded out that corner and two things happened. One, the focus was back on moi and two, the elephant became a little bit more dimensional. I remembered I had a corner rounder tool and whackety-whack, all my cards got the treatment.

As always, I'm operating under my usual philosophy for life and work: mistakes are not the end of the world!  I have much more interesting cards now and had I done it perfectly the first time (haha), I could be handing out straight-edged, straight-laced rectangular cards. Quelle horreur! My endless gratitude to you Beth for always being honest and telling me I could do/be better.

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