Sunday, February 13

Westport Cafe & Bar Revisited

George has been trying to get me to go back to Westport Cafe for a long time. But the meals I've experienced thus far (from their lunch and dinner menu), although fine, didn't excite me; they didn't make me think about the food longingly after I left or have me yearning to eat there again. A couple of weeks ago, I finally relented and said yes to brunch; I was really, really surprised by how much I liked the menu and by how much I enjoyed it. I loved it so much, I was planning my next visit before we left. And I don't think I'm the only one who was impressed. We sat next to this English guy and saw him there again! Westport Cafe has now made it on my personal list of favorite weekend brunch places in Kansas City.

On our first visit, complimentary buttery-soft scones arrived at the table shortly after our coffees. Ohmygoodness, heavenly. Unfortunately, we did not get them on our last visit. My waistline does not need any scone action, however, so it all worked out for the best. All their brunch items are $10-$12 and come served with a complimentary Bellini, Mimosa or Bloody Mary. For those who don't go by the adage that it's noon somewhere in the world, you can have coffee or soda. Check out their full brunch menu here. My favorites so far are the Chicken Hash and French Toast Brioche.

The service has always been attentive and I'd like to thank Aaron, the owner, for always being so nice to me. Even when I'm not on my best behavior.

Full disclosure: My husband is a wine rep and this is one of his accounts. This is not a paid review. (Read my previous, not glowing, review here).For those who know me, I am a very picky and vocal diner. I have no problem telling my server, the chef and all my friends if I'm disappointed in a restaurant/my meal/my service. But when I love something, I shout it from the rooftops.

Great job Westport Cafe, I can't wait to come see you guys again!

Eggs Norwegian - served with hashbrowns, but I swapped George for his tomatoes,
which I think adds some lovely color to the plate, $12
Top: Bar Hamburger with Sauteed Onion and Gruyere with Arugula Salad, $11
Bottom: Full English Breakfast (or is it Irish?), $12
Bloody Mary, supposed to be complimentary.
I got charged for this but my French Press Coffee was free.
Yes, I'm complaining but not too much.
Both were delicious!
I love their big, gold mirror in the back and I
tried to stay out of this picture, but it didn't work.
Love their bathroom doors too.

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