Tuesday, February 1

spots + stripes

images from yesstyle.com
images from yesstyle.com

I haven't exactly been hiding my obsession with all things Korean drama, have I? Once I stopped drooling over the hotties on the shows, I noticed all the fun they have with their clothes, from layering to silhouettes to pattern and color combinations. Today, I googled "Asian fashion" and stumbled upon yesstyle.com. Their sweater category alone contained 140 pages with 2,781 items. And yes, I did look through all of them.

Everything was pretty reasonably priced, anywhere between $15-$70. I just won't think about what sweatshop conditions people have to work in so we can buy such cheap goods. And that's including when I shop at Old Navy, Forever 21 and Walmart.

FYI, my latest fave show is Secret Garden which you can watch for free on Drama Fever! The lead character wore THE best sweaters and she inspired my focused search of this site. I actually found one of the sweaters she wore on the show. So have fun and let me know if you buy anything!

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