Tuesday, February 22

love trip

George picked up this Tootsie Toy car for $1.00 in an antique store in St. Jo.
We were actually in our Mini Cooper, same colors though!
We drove past the airport and I wished for a second that we were traveling somewhere farther
and more exotic. As much as I adore our day trips, I'd much rather be going far, far away.

Every year, rather than overpriced flowers, crowded dinners or pressuring ourselves to prove who loves who more through extravagant gifts on Valentine's Day, George and I go on a day trip. We drive out of the city, explore a small town nearby, go antiquing, and just spend the day with each other. This year we "celebrated" a week late and hopped on over to St. Joseph, Missouri by way of Rushville. The day was surprisingly warm for February (72°F but overcast and windy). George met a lot of interesting people, he's so chatty and everyone loves his Irish accent. They made small talk about impending thunderstorms, our Mini, where he was from, wine, etc, etc. Meanwhile, true to my Chinese upbringing, I kind of hung back, a bit more reserved and aloof, wondering why he had to talk to everyone underneath the big blue sky.

I'll be sharing bits of pieces of our trip in other posts but for now, just pictures of my handsome Georgie.

Top: At Justus Drugstore in Smithville // Left: At Happy Gillis in Columbus Park, Kansas City
Right: At W.D. Pickers Antique Mall in Weston, in front of an extremely tall corner cabinet

Yes, we are still this juvenile. :)

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