Sunday, June 6

Summer of 39

39th Street is always growing, always changing and the businesses and restaurants that have come and gone are so unique. They're usually mom-and-pop places that you wish had a chance to thrive longer and they are always, absolutely one-of-a-kind. I've lived in this neighborhood for about 15 years and I have known 39th Street ever since my family moved to Kansas City from Portland, Oregon 20 years ago.

My parents opened a Chinese restaurant where the frame gallery now sits, next to Havana Cigar Shop. To kill the boredom, we used to pop down to Mr. Z's In-n-Out grocer for candy. Or to the art gallery next door for a breeze through. My car back then, a 1982 Toyota Corrolla hatchback, was stolen on 39th Street. It was later found in front of a crack house, but hey I got it back! I've celebrated birthdays, drank many martinis, and have shopped and dined at almost all the businesses that have made their way to this street.

I've already posted two 39th Street excursions in the last week or so and since I hold this area near and dear to my heart, I will be visiting and posting about all the other places we love there too. My ode to 39th Street....summer of 2010....look for it!

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Rossana said...

I remember the afternoon that happened -- like it was yesterday -- it's amazing how some things just pop up and the memory is so clear.