Sunday, June 6

Ice, Ice Baby

When this sign when up a few years ago on 39th Street, I thought to myself, not another cheesy, lame bar/restaurant that will close down in six months. Miami Ice? What a stupid name.

Well, I was wrong. Again. And I'm so glad I was. Miami Ice is actually a sweet, little ice cream shop. It's not the fancy kind with themostamazing ice cream you'll ever taste. It's just your simple soft-serve or scooped-out-of-a-tub ice cream. There are smoothies, frozen yogurts, shaved ice and hot dogs too, but for me, when the temperature is hovering in the upper 90s, a vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone is what hits the spot. No toppings, no chocolate twist. Just a spoon and the constant humidity of a Kansas City summer.
When I'm not in the mood to spend $15-$20 on an ice cream excursion, trust me, it can happen, Miami Ice is definitely the place to go. It's in my neighborhood and the owner (who also owns Fric & Frac) is super nice. It's also the only ice cream shop that has stayed in business for more than one season on 39th Street. Anyone remember Angie's or The Big Lick, among others? Exactly. Cheap ice cream + insanely, hot weather = match made in heaven.

1624 W. 39th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111

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