Monday, June 21

Westport Cafe & Bar - Part 1

Westport Cafe & Bar went into the original Blanc location in Westport and had their grand opening last week. They did a fabulous job of transforming that space from the signature starkness of Blanc into a warm, sophisticated French café. The east wall is still the original brick but now it has a painted mural on it. Subway tile covers the rest of the space with red accents and traditional wainscoting.

Bathrooms rate high on my list of things to critique and WC&B did not dissapoint. They said goodbye to  the Orla Kiely wallpaper and replaced it with chicken wall paper, right on trend with all the animal imagery that I see popping up everywhere. Sorry, no pic, I'm not taking a camera into the water closet. :)
Each table is set with beautiful salt and pepper shakers, small water glasses and a paper napkin as a placemat of sorts. Very smart, functional and unfussy.
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A dad a the bar with baby. It's great to see how much more involved dads have become. The bar was quite beautiful with amber glass panels that reflected a warm, intimate glow to the whole space.
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As we waited for our lunch, an ominous storm rolled in (the weather has been so topsy turvy lately, we never know what to expect). Check out the wind blowing through the trees in this pic! The sky turned black and all the happy weekend shoppers scurried to their cars before they got soaked. It didn't last long, but what drama!

Huge thumbs up for the darling decor. I immediately felt at home and it makes me want to come back, sit with a cup of coffee by the window, and watch the world walk by.

Coming up next....a review of our lunch.

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