Tuesday, June 15

Suburban World Theatre

While G and I were in Minneapolis, we called up our friend Kristen for brunch and she suggested the Suburban World Theatre for its funky charm. There are other brunch places where the food is probably better, but where else would you get to see classic cartoons on a big screen on a Sunday morning?

It's definitely one of those places you go with a hangover. The theatre was dark (as it should be), the tables intimate, and the staff although quite friendly, looked about as old as the building.

Suburban is only open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings, after a full week of being a theatre, bar and event venue. As "fun" as this place is, it also had a certain depressing feel to it. Run down, mismatched and quiet, it had the feel of a bar that has been destroyed over a weekend of wild partying. Personally, I prefer bright, sunny locales for brunch. Happy places. Although I enjoyed my foray into Suburban World Theatre, it probably will be my last.

3022 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Brunch » Saturdays and Sundays » 9 am - 2 pm

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