Monday, June 1


I think I'm going to make this for my yard except the signs will lead you to my....
{+} Herb Garden
{+} Vegetable Garden
{+} Fire Pit
{+} Back Yard
{+} Hammock

Materials I'll Probably Need...
{+} Galvanized Bucket or Ceramic Pot
{+} 2 x 4 or wood pole
{+} Plywood
{+} Pickling Stain
{+} Quart of Light Blue Paint
{+} Ornamental Grass & Flowers

I'll keep you updated when this gets done...I have quite a few projects lined up, but I do try to find the absolute easiest ones for my skill level.

Visit the Style Me Pretty blog if you're a bride to be. They have a fabulous $4,000 giveaway in conjunction with Crate & Barrel. Too bad I've already gotten married twice to the same guy. Third time would be overkill, don't you think? 


Sloane said...

I say third time is the charm!!!

Becky said...

I sent this wedding blog to a friend whose daughter is getting married and they were thrilled!