Wednesday, June 17

Prosecco Punch

{Recipe and illustration by Yvette van Boven}

I have seen a lot of awesome drinks (all loaded with alcohol of course) that I want to make this summer. Prosecco muddled with strawberries, Tomato Martini, yummy sangrias - they all have one thing in common, lots of fresh fruits and herbs! I just want to make this recipe because the illustration is so cute. {via design crush}

I love to follow links because you never know what fun places they'll take you. This recipe took me to Yvette's blog and then to Pia Jane Bijerk's gorgeous sites. So beautifully illustrated and photographed. Foodies, go take a look! I'm linking you directly to the Pia's kitchen blog where culinary guests like Yvette posts their favorites, click here.

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