Thursday, June 11

365 Days

Here is another young, talented whippersnapper, 17-year-old Amy Mortimer from Warkwickshire, England. She is an art student and photographer who has a similar style to Jasmine Rubio. Her self-portrait project is called 365 days*. {housemartin}

I find daily pictures of one subject fascinating, how you can mark time passing, see the little changes day by day, the big changes when you take a step back to look at the whole picture and the familiarity as you get to "know" the subject whether it's a person or a landscape.

Photographer Kevin Trageser's subject is his girlfriend, Nadine. Go here to see the photos. Just click on each page to move on (for my less-tech savvy friends since it took me a minute to figure out also). {A Cup of Jo}

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