Monday, June 1

Litte Rock - Part 2

Last week was crazy busy for me so I apologize for the late Little Rock posts. Today is dedicated to Miss Becky and Mr. Jack. They stayed in a hotel so we could have the house to ourselves. Now that's going above and beyond!

I felt instantly at home when I walked to the front door and saw the nice greeting (below). I definitely learned a thing or two about hospitality and what is means to be truly welcome someone into your home.

Their charming little house was nestled in a perfect little cul de sac. I'm going to have to come back when that Magnolia tree {left} is in bloom. I bet it's gorgeous.

This was a great place to sit every morning as we lounged around drinking mimosas, made breakfast and watched the birds. Isn't the pattern on the chairs lovely?

I never thought to frame my menus even though I steal quite of few of them for my inspiration folder. Speaking of theft, I am going to steal this idea!

The herb garden was amazing. I can't believe how big and plentiful their garden was in May. It was such a treat to just go out and pick what we wanted for dinner - basil, sorrel, dill, oregano, onions, green beans, arugula, you get the idea. We were on the lookout for a squirrel or two to shoot down, but they must have known and steered clear.

When I walked into the bedrooms, I thought I was staying at a B&B. The beds were perfectly made, bottled water was on the night stand and all the lights were twinkling. We slept like drunk babies every night.

Love how this little book was displayed. The house was full of thoughtful details and great pattern and color. Becky, Jack, thank you so much for opening your home to us. We all had such a great time and can't wait to come visit again! Is it rude of me to invite myself? :)


Sloane said...

have the best in- laws in the world. I love my married family more than words!!

Becky said...

Southern Living should be so lucky as to have you for their Homes Photographer! You photos made our home look really special and we will treasure this forever. Thank you Linh!