Wednesday, April 6

not ready to be older

photo and garlands by Sarah Neuberger, The Small Object
My birthday is just around the corner, number 34, and every year it seems to take me a bit by surprise. I think I'm too lazy to get all worked up about it anymore. Months ago, I was all jazzed about a joint party with Vira, but as the date approaches, I am kind of just shutting my eyes and trying to get past myself. I haven't visited Rosalie in months and the dreaded white hairs and split ends are prevalent. The body is a saggin' and a droopin' and since I refuse to exercise regularly, I have no one to blame but myself. But, and there always is one, I have amazing friends. Who have all been emailing me about birthday week: what are we going to do, when are we going to start, what if we do this, how about coming to my house for brunch, let's do each other's hair and makeup before we go out, what should I get you, you are so hard to buy for, you have everything. To my wonderful friends, thank you, thank you, thank you and I am lucky to be so loved. In the meantime, I am inspired by these wonderful tissue garlands that I may just have to make for when the girls come over for the pre-party.

photo and garlands by Sarah Neuberger, The Small Object

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What DO you want for your Bday?