Monday, April 4

KC from Kaw Point

Yesterday, after a week of cold, dreary weather, we had a record 86°F spring day. However, George and I were glued to our computers ignoring the sunshine. Then thankfully, our friends Tim and Lynn called to suggest a walk along the river at Kaw Point Park with our dogs. It's a riverfront park situated behind an industrial park that is not easy to get to and one that we had no idea existed. It was a great chance to see downtown from another perspective. Click on any of the images for a larger view. All photos by Linh Trieu ©Fresh Fish Creative


Lynn said...

and all the dogs baptized themselves in the Kansas river. Fun day for all

Tim said...

Last year Lynn and I visited the park and there was no disrespect painted all over the steel silhouette of Lewis and Clark. Shame on those grafittists.