Tuesday, April 19

New Dress

My new favorite place to find cheap vintage dresses is Cowtown Mall on 31st and Gilham. This one was $5! The length is okay, but I'm going to hem it up and make it a mini dress instead. What do you think of my boots? Kat gave these vintage leather beauties to Jeanne, but since Jeanne has monkey feet (her words not mine), she gave them to me. They're a smidge too big, but with inserts and thick socks, they are absolutely perfect. Everything in this outfit is either vintage and/or gifted.

* Vintage Liz Roberts Inc. Dress from Cowtown Mall - $5
* Vintage Corelli Boots - gift from Jeanne
* Vintage Blue Blet - $1
* Owl Necklace - gift from Tina
* Jade Bracelet - gift from my mom
* Gold Bracelets - $1.50

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Anonymous said...

you are too cute. i think we need to start a fashion blog of all your cute outfits. please? :D