Monday, April 11

Birthday Bits

Some of the nice prezzies I received this year. My friends always get me the best gifts, but this is the first time ever George nailed all the presents.
Fisher Price Wood Toy Cash Register, my fourth cash register! Thanks Georgie.
No Sale and #1 keys are stuck but the drawer still pops open.
Can't wait to drink these.....after I recover of course. Another successful gift from G. 
An orange owl votive holder which will look so cheerful on the porch this summer and some art supplies from Beth who says that I have to keep doodling my little characters even though I don't have boring meetings to sit through anymore.
A super cute owl necklace made by Tina's mom. I admired earrings like
this on a girl at Happy Gillis and was so thrilled to get this!
Anthro sent me my 15% card and as luck would have it, Mary and Rebecca got me some money to spend there!
The Anthro gift card came in the cutest mini notebook. 
Tina put the owl necklace inside this adorable pouch, hand-made and hand-embroidered by her sister. 
Gift cards to a fave brunch spot (Happy Gillis),  to a new restaurant my friend works at (Tavern in the Village),
a subcription to my new favorite magazine (Vogue Living Australia), scratch tickets and some birthday cards.
Thank you Matt, Sloane, Matt, Lucy, Tim, Lynn, Jeanne, Craig, Kat, Doug and Shelley!
Remember that radio I hinted at? I got it! And I love it.
Trinh swore I said I wanted to make my own ice cream. So now I can make it whenever, wherever.
A special hand-made card by Rebecca. 

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Rachel said...

Wow! You banked! Happy Belated, glad it was a great day!