Tuesday, April 19

April Supper Club

Instead of cleaning and setting the perfect table for Supper Club this month, I made a hand-drawn, hand-colored poster. It only took about three hours, hahahaa. In hindsight, I probably should have showered and set the table before I started this project, but I honestly thought I could whip it out in say, half an hour. Of all the ways I've decorated the table, this little poster got a better reaction from my guests than any flowers, candles or napkins. It was so great seeing everyone ooh and ahh over it.

George and I hosted this month's supper club at Chez Bristow and the theme was Fast Food. Our instructions: choose a fast food restaurant, your favorite item from their menu and create your own version of it. Usually I am much better prepared to host, but I've lost track of the days recently. Time is flying by and it was our turn before I knew or was ready for it. The last minute prepping could have led to what I had jokingly called "Mass Hysteria Supper Club Meltdown." Instead, we all ended up in the kitchen, falling over all each other laughing and ended up having a wonderful time. For the food pictures, I "enhanced" everything in iPhoto to play up the artificial colors that remind me of fast food. Unfortunately, Rachel made all of her ingredients herself, even the bun, and it was disgustingly delicious. I think we all went into a food coma last night. A big thank you to my friends for another fabulous Supper Club!


Lynn said...

I am still in "Food Coma" .. What a fun night

Dr. Smokeballs said...

Hey dere - this native Chicagoan approves of the nuclear green relish. Very authentic.

Sloane said...

Thanks, Dr. Smokeballs. I was happy to find it. My husband and I LOVE to fly through Chicago O'Hare and grab a Gold Coast Dog- our absolute favorite.