Wednesday, April 20

favorite comment

Public Enemy #1. Don't let that pink dress fool you. She is vicious! Especially if you pretend to attack her dad, Jason.

Our Supper Club is an exclusive group, but the hosts get to invite guests every month. With a core group of eleven people and one nasty little dog, most of our tables are bursting at 13-14 dinner guests. Bella is my new nemesis. I do provoke her every chance I get but I kind of find it amusing to scrap around with a five pound dog once a month. Anyhow, that's another story. We get a lot of jokesters (also known as OUR FRIENDS) who like to complain about not getting an invite. I have to share this facebook comment from our friend Jamie. He is so sarcastic, love him. Well, he heavily hinted at wanting to come to Supper Club for the last week or so and thanks to Matt and Sloane, we will finally be including him. But just this once.

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