Friday, April 29

Our Very Un-Royal Wedding

Watching the Royal Wedding this morning, Kate licking her lips nervously, William with the slightest smile on his face looking like he was trying not to laugh, it reminded me of my own wedding day. Even though we only got married in the dining room with our friends standing and sitting where they could find a spot and not filmed live for the entire world to see, I was still a nervous wreck. My shoulders shook as I laughed through the entire ceremony. I am just thankful it was short.

As the Asian in the relationship, you would be pretty safe in assuming that I was the most recent immigrant in this relationship, but you'd be wrong. When George I and got married, he wasn't fresh off the boat by any means, but I was definitely more American. He was on a student visa from Ireland, I had just gotten my citizenship. We had two choices: extend his student visa or get married. So what the hell, we got married....ten days after meeting with our immigration lawyer and talking to George's friend Brian who is a pastor.

The wedding album below is what we had to put together to show immigration that our marriage was real. Otherwise, I don't think we'd have one. So thank you, Mira, for making us take the time to compile this moment in our lives.

At the time I loved to make books. This one was already made, but I did cover it with hand made paper. It's not a very big album and half the pictures inside are of our friends and family.

The keys to our hearts. Very cheesy now that I look back on it, but I loved them when I put this together.

This was the invitation to our first wedding.
I got everything from Paper Source and made them by hand.

George wrote the poem for our invitation: 
From two different worlds
Brought together by love and held by a promise
To love one another forever and always.

We invited about 50 people and had plans to get married in our backyard.
Tiki torches were placed in a circle so we could be surrounded by family
and friends. But it rained and we got married in our dining room instead.

Brian looking a little exasperated by our non-serious wedding day antics.
I wore white slacks from J. Crew and a lace camisole with no bra. George wore
J. Crew khakis and a blue linen shirt that neither of us bothered to iron.
Rosalie put my hair up halfway and stuck some babies' breath in.
We were definitely low key, I had no interest in wearing a white gown.

Our cake table consisted of an Andre's cake, Luanne's cake server and knife,
a bowl of mints, George's graduation sash with his country colors, a vase of roses,
and for some reason a He-Man figurine.

Both George and I had just graduated from college so our budget was nil.
This photo makes me laugh. We were so tacky and happy with so little.

Thanks to good advice from my bestie Rossana, I invited my parents.....
but only three days before the wedding. We had plans to keep it a secret from our folks.
Thus my parents came to my house on a Sunday in their casual best while George's parents
were kept in the dark. They found out later and were, understandably, a bit peeved with us.

The rain did let up finally and the girls braved the sodden ground to catch the bouquet.

I remember feeling fat on my wedding day. And now I only wish I was that "fat."

This is a terribly long post already, but earlier when I mentioned our first wedding,
it meant that we ultimately had a second wedding. Our. Real. Wedding.
The one we actually told our families about.

I designed my own wedding invitations but this time I got them printed....even the envelopes.
They did not match the red of the invites, but we were still on a budget. Now I have a ton of
red envelopes that have our address but say the Trieu Family.

I designed a trifold invite, printed on glossy stock in two colors, red and black. It was all very modern and clean. My family hated, hated, hated the invites even though I used red, a lucky color in Chinese tradition. But it was a very non-traditional card at the time and trust me, there's no pleasing my family.

The response card was a tear-off postcard.

For our second wedding, we had a traditional tea ceremony and then a seven-course wedding banquet. Since a lot of our guests were from out of town and unfamiliar with our wedding customs, there was a separate invite for the tea ceremony along with a description of what that all entailed.

I planned both weddings in an extremely short amount of time (one day for each). For me, getting married wasn't about all the finery much to my family's dismay. Plus I hated all the attention. I made lightning quick decisions about my dress, the cake and what restaurant to go use. I'll always treasure the memories and be happy in knowing that even on a non-existent budget, we still had our big day and we paid for it all by ourselves.


Jeanne said...

What a great post today! I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

those photos of your first wedding are SO cute!! and i can't believe you felt fat that day! you are SO skinny!!

Coleen said...

Thanks for sharing the events and pictures of your first wedding. I wish it had worked out for me to be there. That being said, I am glad I got to share in your wedding part 2. It was worth the trip!

The Pineapple Pirate! said...

Very nice.