Friday, April 23


Hello Blog,

I apologize for leaving you for so long. It's been a busy month, happens every time an event I'm chairing comes close. Everything gets thrown on the back burner while I'm throwing myself in a million directions. My sister has taken to calling me Mao, as in Chairman Mao, and I can't say that I disagree. Gotta get all my soldiers in a row. :)

But it hasn't been all work. I always, always, always squeeze in time to stop and smell the flowers. George and I went on a little staycation at a boutique hotel downtown. Our supper club gang has had two fabulous dinners, one of which we hosted. The City Market has this great "garage sale" every Sunday which is more like a flea market. One lady was selling naked Barbie dolls and clothes you could mix and match. And finally, my garden is bursting again.

Life is busy and life is good and soon I will have time again to share it all. See you soon!

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KCGAC said...

Call me when you are free, we should catch up