Monday, April 12

Thirty Three

That's how old I turned this year. I celebrated for three days, doing all the things that make me happy – a movie, dinner with good friends, estate sale shopping and of course, Sunday brunch. And in my wide old age, haha, I asked for no gifts this year. I am blessed to have so much, my cup runneth over....and over....and over. It only made my friends more resourceful. Thank you everyone. I love you!
Reba makes the most lovely arrangements. I love the mix of flowers and textures and how she snuck into my house to get my vintage milk jug. The tulips got bigger and bigger every day, surprising me every time I looked at it. Flowers make me so happy, especially one as gorgeous as these.
Lynn's family had an estate sale so I picked up some straw hats that belonged to her grandfather, among other things! Then Lynn GAVE me everything for my bday instead of making me pay for it. She is so crazy. But there's only one thing I like better than old stuff and that's free stuff. You know me so well.
Chocolate covered strawberries, lemon cupcakes, lemon cheesecake, brownies dusted with hearts, chocolate covered pretzels, vanilla cake with blue frosting and tons of other sweet goodies. I was drowning in dessert and they were all made with love. But I swear, no more! My pants were tight before my birthday. And now?
Still tight. :) But my ass is happier.

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Yellow Like Mustard said...

What? No picture of your new Lenox figurines?! :)