Tuesday, November 17

What a Deal!!!

Get special deals in Kansas City (and all over the U.S) through Groupon.com. There's something new everyday. It's a huge discount. And there have to be enough people interested for the "groupon" to work. My sister just turned me onto this site TODAY.

What an amazing marketing tool. As a business, it IS a huge discount, but you're getting people in your door and talking about you. Those are marketing dollars you need to spend!

We both got $100 gift certificates to Shine Spa in Westport for $35. Can't wait to do a spa day with my girls! Now, I have to see if there's a Groupon for a Westport restaurant/bar. Cause you know I'll be all over that. You know that high you get when you score a good deal? I'm on it. :)

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