Wednesday, November 4

Mug Love

I saw this pretty, little mug at Anthropologie and fell in love with how perfectly it cupped into my hands. But I wasn't shopping for me that day, focus, focus, focus! I carried that mug around, molested it for a while, and finally put it back. But my thoughtful husband (who really does pay attention) saw me pining and surprise! I came home from work, saw the box and KNEW exactly what was in it. Thank you George, I love, love, love it! See the other designs and colors below.


Sloane said...

George- I have a wish list at Anthropologie, too!!

Fresh Fish Creative said...

I got the Anthro catalogue the very next day and proceeded to star and circle everything. Leaving blatant hints and hoping for more suprises! But a $400 pair of boots v. a $10 mug? I don't see many more surprises in my future.