Monday, November 9


Synergy Services began as a shelter for runaway and homeless teens but has grown to also provide services for young children and women who have been victimized by abuse. Their most recent awareness campaign occurred at First Friday in the Crossroads and it was startling. "Kids" sat on the streets, their heads were bowed down, faces hidden from us.

At first glance, they look so real you turn your head away to avoid seeing how real homelessness is for so many people. It's especially heartbreaking to know that a child is on his/her own and on the streets. That's what makes this campaign so successful. It makes you look twice, it pulls at your heartstrings and it compels you to act. Click here to find out how you can help.

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Jessie said...

We saw this on Friday night, too, and were SO stuck by the message. Synergy is a client of the company that I work at and they do such amazing work.

The first time we saw one of these fake people, we were getting ready to park the car and I almost jumped out because I thought it was a real kid. So crazy.