Thursday, June 16

sparkly fingers and toes

I only get a pedicure once a year. Maybe twice. Last year, I didn't get one at all because I wore ballet flats for most of the summer (which led to fallen arches and major foot pain, but that's another story). I always seem to be mucking around in something and as embarrassing as this is to say, I always have dirt underneath my nails. A few weeks ago, my friend Debbie treated me to a pedicure. Instead of regular polish, I got two-tone orange and brown. My pedi guy told me I looked like I had two bruised toes. I ignored him AND an old guy who told me the same thing. True to form as always, I bumped my foot on God knows what and ruined my fresh pedicure as soon as I got home. I smudged it around to "fix" it and from where I'm standing, and as blind as I am, it didn't look too bad. Top picture is blurry but I loved how it turned out anyway.

Still, two weeks later, my piggies were in need of a freshening up. I haven't painted my own toes in a long time, maybe three years? I'm just not that good at it. But then I saw this awesome nail treatment and it was totally do-able....even for a clumsy polisher like me. Two coats and some glitter? Can. Do. Nail polish was on sale at Target ($0.84 each), so what the hell, I gave it a go. I loooooooved how it turned out. I liked it so much I even gave my fingernails a coat of glitter.

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