Thursday, July 9

Yummy...New Restaurants

I'm always so excited to see new restaurants open up in Kansas City, especially by independent chefs and locals. And when there's great design to go with it, my heart beats even faster. I'm so proud to see my city growing. Here's the latest and greatest...

{+} The Farmhouse » a farm-to-table and tip-to-tail concept at 300 Delaware in the River Market, formerly Delaware CafĂ©. My suggestion: Put your address on your website, I can't find it anywhere!

{+} The Westside Local » comfort food and craft beer, "a local eatery inspired by community and camraderie." How could you not love this? Fabulous logo, easy to use and well-designed website, thoughtful, meaninful copy. I will go on. A beer garden, communal tables that "encourage chance meetings, networking, new friendships and even love." I can't wait for it to open!

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