Thursday, July 23

Sit, Stay, Shoot

My dogs, Apollo and Sophie, are getting a professional portrait this weekend from Kansas City pet photographer, Ashley Entwistle of Yuppie Puppy. Here's my interview with Ashley and some of my favorite dogs from her site:

{1} How did you get started in pet photography?
Photography is something I have always loved. I got hooked my freshman year in high school and have been obsessed with every aspect of it ever since. My grandparents have me come over every year to shoot their Christmas card photo, which always includes Alice (their black and white shih tzu).

One year, while they were finishing up getting ready, I shot a few frames of Alice by herself. She looked so darling with a little red tinsel bow in her hair. One shot turned out especially nice so I printed and framed it for my grandma as her Christmas gift. She loved it! She showed it to everyone, including Alice's groomer, Teri at Empire Pets. Teri said it was great and that they have customers ask about good pet photographers all the time. She said I should really consider it.

I have always been a big animal lover and was surprised I hadn't thought to pair my two passions before. It's been 7 years since I shot that first portrait of Alice. I have met some of the greatest dogs and the most amazing people through Yuppie Puppy and truly love it.

Do you do any other kind of photography?
Yes, I do other types of photography as well. I photographed a wedding just this past weekend. I've shot all kinds of events from benefits to graduation ceremonies and many types of portraits including engagements, high school seniors, maternity, family portraits, etc. I also love to photograph children, especially babies.

{3} Do you have a favorite kind of dog, and what makes them special?
I wouldn’t say I have a favorite kind of dog - as in a particular breed, anyway. Although I’m a sucker for the BIG babies. I have a newfoundland, McKinley. But as far as my favorite “kind” of dog, I would have to say that I love the funny ones. The dogs with the unmistakable sense of humor. The tricksters. The ones who literally smile. And any dog who shamelessly kisses.

{2} What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you on a dog shoot?
Well, I do occassionally get peed on... But that’s no big deal, not really. I usually bring a spare change of clothes! The most memorable thing, though, is what happens after... My favorite part of the entire process is when I deliver the photographs.

Dogs are so much a part of the family in today’s culture and it is obvious that my clients feel so incredibly close to their companion. I can’t tell you how many teary-eyed hugs people have given me when they look at the prints. That’s the best part. And I’ve gotten a few sad phone calls, too, from clients whose dogs I’ve photographed a while back. They call to tell me when the end has come and say how much those photographs mean now.

{4} What's the most difficult aspect of dog photography?
Well, sometimes it’s hard to get the dogs to calm down enough to get good shots of them. But a little time and hugs from “the new person” (me) generally helps quite a bit! Sometimes it’s difficult to assist my clients in narrowing down their image choices as well. Some expressions that I capture are so uniquely “Sadie” or “Boscoe” that it’s just so difficult to decide which to order as prints!

(5} How did you come up with your business name?
I just kind of have always had the name Yuppie Puppy in the back of my mind. So when I decided to start this business, it fell right into place! Naming the business was actually probably the easiest part of the entire endeavor. I got lucky, I guess!

Click here to visit My Yuppy Puppy Pet Portraits and see more cuddly cuties. If you're thinking about getting your best buddy immortalized, call her now. I had to wait two months to schedule my beasties in!

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