Thursday, July 23

Vintage Boots

I want a new pair of boots but I'm kind of cheap when it comes to clothes. Fonts and anything for work, I can buy all day long and not think twice about. But oh my stinginess does rear its head when it comes to my closet.

A compromise? Vintage shoes. I want a short pair that I can wear with skirts and dresses and flexible enough to wear all year long. Here's what I found on Etsy. Which ones do you think I should get?


Sloane said...

I ;like the brown riding boots. plus they would be super cute with a pair of leggings and a tunic!!

CJ said...

I vote for the burgandy with stitching. But they are all super cute.

Jessie said...

I totally just got a pair of vintage cowboy boots from etsy and I LOVE them! Did you any up ordering any of these pairs?