Tuesday, July 14

Shoe Envy

One of my fave daily reads is Greedy Girl. Absolutely love the font and colors of the blog header and her finds are always inspiring. Today, my heart skipped a beat when I saw her post about brand new, never been worn, vintage shoes that still have their boxes!

So I did what any impulse buyer would do, I popped on over to the Small Earth Vintage shop on Etsy and clickety-click, I have some fabulous multi-colored suede wedges en route to the Bristow. So many beautiful shoes to choose from....I just wish they were all in my size!

Here they are! What do you think?

I liked these orange ones the best, but 7 1/2? No can do.
I would wear these all summer.
And these sexy burgundy pumps I picked out just for you Debbie. Not too pointy, not too high and vavavoom scalloped edges on the sides.

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Anonymous said...

I saw those multi suedes in person and they looked fabulous on you!