Wednesday, August 1

Feeling Sentimental

I find myself missing my other blog, The Employee Lounge, a lot. I miss working with my favorite Tina, who is so amazingly talented. I visit so many new places that I wish I had a chance to share with others. I read blogs and am always thinking of ways we can work together again while improving our process. How do we interview people and get more meaningful and thoughtful answers? How do we capture people in new ways to truly show who they are? Can we change the way we work and still maintain the essence of what our blog started out to be?

Somewhere along the way though, it became a job we were avoiding. It became more business than project. Neither Tina nor I are very "business-y" so that was truly a challenge for us. But when people still come up and ask about our blog, when they recommend their service industry friends we need to interview, when they ask us to share a part of their lives, it's kind of hard to say we stopped doing the blog. So I say we're on a break, as we're both busy working making a living. A break, a hiatus, a breather. And I cross my fingers that Tina and I find some time soon to discover Kansas City together again.

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Linh + Tina said...

aww Linh...
i just saw this...don't know how i missed it really.
i miss our blog too, we had some good times together and i miss meeting new people everyday. i don't think it's over for the Employee Lounge, we'll be back. don't give up yet!

but i agree, i think when we come back we should change it up a little, make it more interesting. it'd be cool to interview people (artists?) who worked from home...i love photographing people in their homes, it's my favorite.