Tuesday, November 15

Tacos & Beer

Concept #1: Design by Linh Trieu/Fresh Fish Creative

Believe it or not, I'm chairing ANOTHER fundraiser next year, one of two I will be coordinating. I must be a glutton for punishment to plan two events so close to each other. A couple of months apart is pretty close in my book. Since I will basically be managing two committees, I've reached out to more people to help out instead of trying to handle it all on my own. Especially the design aspect. To get the ball rolling on one of the events, I knocked out a concept to present to the Advisory Committee. I kept the beer and taco imagery, but simplified them into more streamlined icons that are repeated. The palette is yellow, orange and green. (Ignore the date and times, I just plugged in approximate details).

This event has an existing logo, but with the gradients, clip art and questionable font choices, I thought a redesign was in order. I've been told that the advisory committee loves and wants to keep the old logo. However, I think you can't possibly know what you want unless you have more options. Fingers crossed that we get approval to update the event logo. I'll share the other two concepts next week. They'll be designed by my friend and former co-worker Chris Magee-Jenks, who I hoodwinked into chairing the design committee for this event. Once we nail down a concept, I'll share more details about the event and organization. If you're looking to get involved in fundraising, we would love the help. Email me about volunteer opportunities!

Last year's logo.


Anonymous said...

without wanting to offend anyone, i'll just say i think the new one is MUCH better!

Courtney said...

this looks like so much fun, and i love this years logo!! isnt it funny how its nov and you are already working on it!

Two brothers. One camera. said...

I love the colors Linh. I think that they will translate well into a theme for the space. Great work! I hope they pick your new design!!!

Rachel said...

Leave it to me to comment with a critique! The design is awesome! But maybe you should add a line between the tacos and beer on top....I thought they were snow cones or something and didn't get that the top was tacos until I got to the bottom! Nice revamp though, way better than the old logo ;) Go you!