Tuesday, November 22

Autumn at the Lake

The girls and I went down to a friend's lake house this weekend. It was a one-day getaway and it was a nice break from our regular lives. The sun streamed through the clouds just like the top picture for our entire drive down. It took us five hours to make the normally two and half hour drive. Our first stumble came from inaccurate directions. When we figured out we were too late to meet the rest of girls for outlet shopping, we stopped in Cole Camp, Missouri. There was a craft fair going on that weekend so the town was hopping. Lots of old ladies with perms in antique shops and city girls with rhinestone jeans and purses. Paul was in a "business meeting" all weekend. I love how he put quotes around it because it makes me think of my friend Scott, who called all his #2's at work, business meetings.

Lake houses invariably have weird, kitschy decor pieces that are scattered throughout the property. Like this creepy, blonde kid nestled among the leaves, an alligator at the edge of the deck and of course, loads of light house decor. The house looked exactly as my own parents would have furnished it, down to the maroon couch set.


We drank Bloody Marys and lots of Jameson and hot tea, built a fire, walked and sometimes fell through the piles of leaves and acorns and stuck our toes in the cold lake water. We did each other's nails (very badly), gave one another hand massages and ate brownies. Mostly we alternated between eating, drinking and waiting. Those girls were on a marathon shopping trip!

No one really wanted their picture taken, including me, but we managed to get a few shots of ourselves goofing around and hanging out.

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