Tuesday, November 1


Supper Club strikes again! This month, our hosts Rachel and Seth chose to hold our monthly dinner on All Hallow's Eve. Spoooooky! Not everyone could make it, but we had fun, nonetheless. Our theme was German food and it was surprisingly good. I didn't grow up eating very much any German food so I was at a complete loss. Luckily, my husband recalled a dish he enjoyed at a friend's house years ago and saved the day for our course. Some even came dressed for the ocassion – it was awesome and hilarious.

First Course » Schwenka (sp?)  Schwenker
David & Katie made these little pork burgers with onion that were insanely good. Easily my favorite for the night. Loads of great flavor and oozing with juice that dripped down my hands and all over my face.

Second Course » Ribs + Kraut
The Mead family special! I'm not sure I love the smell of sauerkraut cooking for 8 hours in my house, but it was really wonderful. Monotone food is a crime in my book, so we added color by serving in raw, red cabbage cups and adding a parsley leaf.

Main Course » Homemade Sausages, Pretzel Buns and Grandma's Potato Salad
Seth and Rachel ground a bunch of different meats and made their own sausages. Super impressive. I was slightly scared of the albino color, but the flavor was great. Rachel was worried that it was bland, she is a stickler for preparing it exactly as the recipe says. I actually enjoyed tasting the meat though. The pretzel bread was so good. Jeanne made her grandma's potato salad recipe, it's just vinegar and no mayo. We loaded up on three kinds of mustard, two kinds of German ketchup and went back for more sauerkraut and whew, what a meal!

Sweet Course » Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream
We had a chef in the house as our guest, Mr. Carter Holton. Carter and Jason made this together and they said it didn't take that long. When you're an expert pastry chef though, it only takes minutes to make paper thin dough. When you're not, it could take a million years and still not be right. Jason did a great job cutting up the apples though.

As always, we enjoyed a lot of good drinking: German beers and wine, a hot cider and rum drink and even some bourbon, whiskey and Bailey's. Every Supper Club dinner leaves me so full I'm about to explode, but the company and the food are always too good to pass up.

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