Monday, December 7

Recipe Card

This project will require some thoughtful planning and time, but the result will be a memorable and unique recipe card.

{+} First things first. You should probably make the recipe you plan to share, unless you already have the ingredients in your pantry.

{+} Group your items to be photographed and remember to vary object heights for composition and use similar materials and colors.

{+} Upload photo onto your computer and use Photoshop or Illustrator to "write" down ingredients. If you don't have these programs or anything similar, print out the picture, glue on some handwritten labels or write on the photo directly, then scan it back in.

{+} Once the photo has been printed, add your recipe to the back. VoilĂ , let them be impressed!

See the recipe for Wassail Punch, ingredients in the photograph above at design*sponge


Yellow Like Mustard said...

that's a great idea! it would also be a fun christmas card or invite for urban picnic!!!!

Anonymous said...

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