Wednesday, December 2


illustration by Oso Azul Design via flickr 

Is this going to be a shout out to friends week? Absolutely, because we are surrounded by freakin' amazing people. Our friend Matt F. rides his bike to and from work almost everyday. He lives by where I work and works by where I live. It takes me 20 minutes to DRIVE each way and what does Matt do to make me look bad? He puts the petal to the metal, saves gas, saves money and saves the planet.

Recently, Matt got his bike stolen while he was at work. Outrage ensued. How could someone steal a bike from a guy like Matt? Secretly, his co-workers passed around an envelope to collect money so he could get new wheels. They collected over $400 and surprised him with their generosity. And today I read on facebook.....da, da dum.....Matt's already been saving money for a new bike.

Instead of keeping the cash, spoiling his children, or blowing it at the bar, he's finding a way to donate the money so a few under-privileged kiddies wake up Christmas morning to shiny new bikes under their trees. What a guy. Big hug to you Matt and all your friends and co-workers (including my own hubby). You are so very lucky to have each other.

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