Sunday, March 21

Her House

Always up for trying new restaurants close by, we headed out on the second day of spring, in the snow and up the hill to Chez Elle, a French crêperie and coffee house across the street from Blue Bird Bistro on Summit. Just went to their website and saw that they spell espresso, "expresso" which drives me crazy.

I have not heard much about the place so there weren't a lot of expectations. Overall, I really liked it. We sat on the left side of the restaurant in comfy leather chairs around a coffee table. Big picture windows let in beautiful mid-morning light and I wasn't too surprised to see a group of young women in the front knitting.

You order at the kitchen counter/window when you come in, get a number to be placed in the Eiffel Tower table displays, and serve yourself for the most part (they do bring your food to the table and check up on you). It's low key, laid back and cozy, a relaxing way to spend a cold, Sunday morning.

The crêpes were generously-sized and most in the $8 range. I ordered the Acropolis (roasted chicken, tomatoes, baby spinach, kalamata olives, feta, topped with tzatzki sauce) and it was twice the size of the everyone else's crêpes (don't worry, I finished it all by myself). The only thing that would have made it nicer is if they had sautéed the spinach a little.

Acropolis $7.95
Bonjour $6.95
The eclairs in the pastry case immediately caught our eye. Unfortunately, they came to the table with very little presentation. Each couple was sharing one, but they brought out two eclairs on one plate (the missing eclair was served to the next table). My suggestion for the chef: put them on a bit of waxed paper so you can easily move them to clean plates for service. All complaining aside, they were quite delicious.
The menu (click to see in more detail) and our order number.
Craig, the Birthday Boy....or should I say, Man.
1713 Summit
Kansas City, MO 64108

*They're closed on Mondays so don't even think about it!

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Jeanne said...

Thank you, thank you for such a lovely morning.