Sunday, February 21

Fat Duck

This post about a 13-course tasting menu at Heston Blumenthal's (3 Michelin star restaurant) Fat Duck made my jaw drop. I can't imagine having all my senses engaged and excited like that, but boy do I want to. The tasting menu is only £150 with a delightful flight to England. Here are some of my favorite courses from Oli Ingham's visit...

via Fat Duck website
"For the second course we had an oyster, with passion fruit jelly and a spot of horse radish cream. I've never liked oysters before really, but this was amazing. It had a kind of salt sail sticking out of the top that gave it an little crunch that you are after."

"Then they brought out a tray of woodland moss, and plonked it into the middle of table onto which they poured a moss flavoured tea, which I think hit some dry ice in the bottom of the tray as it filled the table with a really nice smelling cool mist, giving you the sense of being in a alpine woodland. They gave us one of those films which melts on the tongue (a bit like those breath freshener things), and then to go with it a jelly of quail, with foie gras quenelle on top of a langoustine cream - They told you to cut through the different layers with a special spoon so that you could have the flavours combining on your tongue. It was like heaven in a small bowl. Ooh and it also had a small piece of brown toast, with black truffle. All giving a feeling of earthy woodland to the course."
Next up, a conch shell is placed in front of us, out of which protruded a set of iPod headphones. Slightly odd. Then there was a glass plate suspended over a sandy bottom, with what looked like a beach with shellfish all washed up in a frothy sea spray. It included various types of seaweed from Japan, a muscle, an oyster and a clam and apparently a baby eel. All of which was eaten with the sound of seagulls ringing in your ears. It was a complete sensory explosion." photos by Oli Ingham via Around Britain with a Paunch

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Jeanne said...

It all sounds so amazing! I love the idea of adding scent/sound with each course. Excellent.