Monday, July 2

Rachel's Tarts

I've got an amazing baker friend who I can call whenever I see a something mouthwatering in a magazine or on a blog. I just email her the recipe, she makes it, I pay her and ta da! For the bachelorette party, I asked Rachel to make me 2-3 tarts from the spring 2012 issue of Sweet Paul. She made two of what I sent and two more tarts she had made before. They were so beautiful and so delicious. Several of the guests were vegetarians and were happy as could be that most of the food were veggie friendly. In fact, we only had one meat course that night. Usually our dinner parties consist of meat, meat and more meat. This was a nice change and just as filling. Rachel, you are wonderful, talented and you need to charge more! Message me if you're interested in having Rachel cook for you.


Anonymous said...

these look amazing! she really is a great baker. didn't she bake Trinh's baby shower cake? it was heavenly.

Rachel Feldkamp said...

I feel pretty honored to have a post dedicated to me! Thank you for always supporting me and always loving what I do!